View of Manhattan (from a rooftop in Greenpoint)

Football field with a million dollar backdrop. Taken on my way to work. (Taken with Instagram)

Excellent blog!

Thanks! Same goes for you :)
Don’t get out much in the city as I used to but I try to capture some of it when I do.

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Chelsea Market, Pedestrian Walkway.  New York City.


Piles of autumn leaves under trees during autumn in Central Park, New York City.

All I can think about at this point is anything and everything that has to do with autumn: piles of leaves to jump in, hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, pumpkin in just about everything, cute scarves and socks, ducking into cozy places to warm up briefly before heading back out to enjoy the kiss of brisk autumn breezes.

Summer, we can always fall in love again next year.

For now, I have a huge crush on autumn.


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Williamsburg Bridge, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Williamsburg Bridge, Williamsburg, Brooklyn